Mission Statement

Customers highest satisfaction level is our number one objective and we remain committed towards delivering excellence in creative ideas, promotional products, product solutions, services and support at all times, to meet the marketing challenges of today.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build and enhance corporate brands by developing and implementing strategic promotional / marketing programs tailored to your image and needs. Our extensive resources, experience, and innovative approach enable us, to promptly deliver the most creative, highest quality products and events.

Superior Benefits

Promotional products deliver lasting value and impact that conventional advertising just can't provide. Long after an advertising message disappears, promotional items imprinted with your logo or message offer a tangible reminder of your company. And they are far more cost-effective and accessible than conventional advertising.

The Cork Way

Cork sees its reason for being in the constant search for the best possible balance between three factors: creativity, quality and price. Creativity is the starting point of our business, aiming to give every promotional campaign a unique and perfectly targeted character. Quality is our concern at all times, guiding and governing every act carried out by Cork. Finally, price is a requisite of existence for a business such as ours: it is very often a question of doing a lot with little... We do not want to run or make our clients run the slightest risk with regard to their relations with consumers or in terms of their image. We never forget that we are, above all, a provider of services, whose very essence is to listen to clients' wishes, constraints, objectives and concerns in order to offer the best possible solutions. We therefore build long-term relationships with our clients, based on a true partnership.