Our Services

You can count on Cork for fully personalized service. Before we even begin to work together, we will learn all about your products, your brands, your clients, and your philosophy in a word your world. And we will found our partnership on this knowledge and mutual trust, and strive to keep the channels of communication open at all times. We will understand each other!

Production Management

Rest assured, your order at Cork is in good hands! Through parallel management in Dubai and on the production site, Cork maintains close relations with both the client and the manufacturer. Each production series is controlled systematically on location by our specially trained teams, whose members boast the necessary technical and linguistic skills. Thanks to a continuous flow of information, we can keep you informed at all times of the state of progress of your order.

Quality Policy

Quality is our top priority at Cork. We expect the products we supply to meet all the standards of the countries in question. To make sure, we get international laboratories to put them to the strictest conformance, safety, hygiene and consumer protection tests. And as naturally the most important test is your total satisfaction, we apply Total Quality Management policy to every stage of the process, even those stages our customers hardly see.


We leave nothing to chance... From transport in the country of production to road, sea and/or air transport, not to mention customs clearance, Cork manages the entire logistic chain with one central concern in mind: to cut down on risks. We do everything possible to make sure that orders placed with us are always delivered on time!